Vernon's Fine Books is located in the South-Western building of the Psy Academy. This shop is where Vernon sells books to Academy students. In TRPG1, the Hero can buy books here that let the hero attain attacks.

Selections of Books Edit

Pyrokinetics For Beginners: "Want to learn pyrokinetics, but a little slow on the update? Try this book. You'll know Pyroblast at the most basic level once you're done." Cost: 60 gold coins.

Fiery Death Advanced Techniques: "You'll be burning things to a crisp before you know it with this one--but beware, there's a learning curve! Not for those without high aptitude." Cost: 90 gold coins.

Feedback And You: "This is a beginner's primer on the Feedback technique. Nothing fancy, but you'll learn the basics, and be able to train upwards from there." Cost: 50 gold coins.

Vengeance High-Level Feedback: "This book was featured in the Psy Reader Quarterly! It's rather technical, but you'll be skilled with Feedback by the time you're done." Cost 75 gold coins.

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