This article is about the Attack from the Second Generation of Games. You may be looking for the Attack from Telepath Tactics or the Attack from Telepath RPG 1.

Attack Vengeance
Vengeance is a ferocious twist on the Feedback attack. The attacker deliberately amplifies his own pain and rains it down on all who stand before him. Due to the risk of self-injury involved in this attack, it is quite difficult to master and not widely used. Once mastered, however, Vengeance is a brutally effective ability.


  • Element: Mental
  • Range: 1-3 Spaces
  • Cost: 5 Psy Points
  • Damage / Healing: Psy Defense + Vengeance Level
  • Status Effect: Caster's Health increases, if caster is wounded
Note: You learn this ability when you get your Feedback to level 5 (Telepath RPG 2)
In Servants of God, the ability becomes available when your Feedback is level 3, for 1000 gold.

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