Here are some helpful hints for the Tooth League:

Team 1- The InvadersEdit

Take out the spriggats to stop the healing, block one ramp down uses archers and psy fighters to AoE them down once enough have gone heal and go down and take out the boss.

Team 2- The SkullduggersEdit

Place a block above the stairs with a psy healers block then use spriggats/sworsman/spearman to AoE and block the stair case heal a lot and AoE the middle with psy fighters.

Team 3- Head to HeadEdit

AoE middle, kill assassigns quickly, the energy golems will fall easily. You can block of one of the roots to the assassign with a psy healers block.

Team 4- The FirestartersEdit

This is a hard fight on higher levels, be careful how you position your units, use tanks to absorb damage and AoE them down, HEAL LOTS (in caps to represent how much healing you need to do)

Team 5- Heart of DarknessEdit

AoE the bandits down they will fall easily then when it's clear use your most damaging move from behind on the black spraggat and then it will finish off easily.

Team 6- The Big Fluffy BunniesEdit

Block up the ramps (don't put on the ramps) and put a healer in between them, put a archer behind them and a light bomb psy fighter behind that, use a spriggat to cross the gap and nock out the ghost, heal hard and use static sheilds on your blockers. (this is the best way to do things, you can change it up if need be) Any other units put behind to help out where they can. Do not break this formation, and light bomb should hit at least 3 people. This is a easy fight on easy or normal but very difficult on Brutal.

Team 7- KZEdit

Just fight and AoE your way to victory, heal in mass.

Lava ChallengeEdit

Before starting the battle, put the toughest teammember in slot 3. It is also wise to have numerous flying units on your team to cross the lake of lava.

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