Here are some helpful hints for the Intermediate League:

Team 1- Shadowling BuddiesEdit

Take out the shadowling healer first to ensure the battle is easy.

Team 2- The Treasure TroversEdit

Be careful of the bandit leader but the others should fall quickly to mass AoE. Destroy the treasure chest for more gold!

Team 3- The Tunneling TyrantsEdit

Put a spearman or swordman at the top of the tunnel, put a psy healer behind it and a archer behind that, take out the leader in the bottom left of the map.

Team 4- The Quarreling ShadowsEdit

Take out the healers quickly but priorities the one of the layers.

Team 5- CheapskatesEdit

uses archers and psy fighters to rain destruction down on their minions uses spriggats/shadowlings/assassins/spirits to get over the path to kill the golems and archers, push up ground forces to kill the rest.

Team 6- The Rock ClimbersEdit

block up the top path and then push around the map anti-clockwise using psy fighteer/shadowlings/archers/spriggats to pick of enemy minions.

Team 7- Slings and ArrowsEdit

Just get to the archers and AoE them down, they will kill you quickly if you don't get them first

Jinn ChallengeEdit

Only psy attack can damage the Jinn put spriggats and psy fighter, 3 in a line in front of the Jinn put healer next to 2nd one and give the second psy fighter/spriggat/shadowling a static shield, put all others in a square on one side with the healer in the middle, use mind shield for each attack and a big shield for when sand storm is used.

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