Here are some helpful hints for the Brownie League:

Team 1- The BoogeymenEdit

Use a psy healer to create a barrier, if you have no healer try to defend the spot, if you have a healer move round from right to left be careful of getting trapped in, use AoE to break open the mech swordsmans.

Team 2- The Food CriticsEdit

Try to push forward, high AoE is essential for a quick and easy win, healer are not really needed if you have large AoE but is recommended, you can go defensive if you have a psy healer to block one root and swordsman, spearman and spriggat to block up other exits and archers to cull the heard.

Team 3- The Four CoronersEdit

Block of the point with a psy healer take out weaker units then try to take down the bigger threats, if possible put equal amounts on all or on just 2, taking them down one at a time is harder to stop them taking your point, don't defend as you will be trapped and in a bad position if there is more than 2 of them. Try to trap the assassins, the bronze golem will fall to range attacks easily watch out for the ghost if you have little psy ability.

Team 4- The Phantom MenaceEdit

High AoE is useful, powerful psy fighters make this easy, If you donb't have a psy fighter go to the market and then train them using the grotto or the cave. If you are a easy difficulty player you may be able to win the brig.

Team 5- The Winged MessengersEdit

Buy flame orb if in trouble, just kill assassin quickly then position carefully.

Team 6- The Bug WhispererEdit

Block of nymph 2 and shadow bug 4 with a psy healer's barricade, take out nymphs quickly.

Team 7- The Prison GuardsEdit

Just be careful and take it slowly, heal a lot you can break the formations they make easily, AoE can kill them easily and take the healers out quickly.

Survival ChallengeEdit

Go to one of the corners and hide until you win take out the golems if you are having a lot of trouble.

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