Here are some helpful hints for the Little League:

Team 1- The InvinciblesEdit

Don't attack any enemy unless you kill the other team members can finish them off. If you don't kill the enemy, then the healers will return their allies' to full health. Try and focus one of the sides, you can preposition your units accordingly.

Team 2- The BowlersEdit

Take out the mech and black cape to the north and then move up and take out the spriggats, if having difficulty purchase flame orb.

Team 3- The RoadBlockersEdit

Try to take out 1 side first, I would recommend the right side first, take out the energy golem first, heal and then attack the left side.

Team 4- The MaraudersEdit

Try to take out healers and archers first.

Team 5- Assassin's ScreedEdit

The assassin can do lots of damage with back stabs, be careful, heal well. If having difficulty focus on one side first.

Team 6- The ConformistsEdit

Focus on taking down archers and swordsman, if you fail to take all 4 down you will have trouble winning, using archers, psy fighters, spriggats to AOE them down. Take out the healers and finish the golems at the end. If having trouble purchase more basic archers to reach over the lines.

Team 7- The Historical ReenactersEdit

Take out golems and healer quickly you be easy, if having trouble farm against the cave and then increase your psy defence.

Ghost ChallengeEdit

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