Here are some helpful hints for the Begginner League:

Team 1- Good Will HauntingEdit

Team 2- The Black CapesEdit

Team 3- Second String FightersEdit

Team 4- Cog-nito Edit

Cog-nito uses three energy golems, so keep out of their line-of-sight site. Remember to always kill them quickly, so they can't strike back.

Team 5- The Belt BucklersEdit

Don't attack them head on. Try to slip past the enemies' defences.

Team 6- The Gilded CrushersEdit

Team 7- The Mouth BreathersEdit

It would equip good idea to equip the Hero with an orange orb. This help defend the Hero from the red spriggats' fire breaths.

Lone Wolf ChallengeEdit

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