Here are some helpful hints for the Novice League:

Team 1- The Flailing ChickensEdit

Just kill them.

Team 2- The Desert RaidersEdit

It would be easy to defeat the bandit raiders with a psy healer and units with high health.

Team 3- The Big Brute MenEdit

Have range units to attack the enemies safely from behind the rocks.

Team 4- Death From AfarEdit

Team 5- The Gear SpiritsEdit

It is best to use psy fighters and spirits to combat the enemy spirits' physical resistance. A bowman is best way to damage the stone golem.

Team 6- The One-Two PunchEdit

Send the entire team to attack one side. After defeating one side, destroy the treasure chest. After healing and regaining PsP, attack the other side.

Team 7- FlashbangEdit

Avoid puting your soldiers in the Energy Golems' line of fire.

Extermination ChallengeEdit

Attack one side at a time.

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