This article is about the Class from Second Generation of Games. You may be looking for the Class from Telepath Tactics.

Swordsmen are the dependable workhorses of any fighting force. They are generally sturdier than most units, and deal substantial damage with their melee attacks. Because their primary attack requires no PsP to use, they can protect psy-dependent units while they focus.

TPA2 Swordsman


  • Health: 20 + Psy Defense x2
  • PsP: 3 + Psy Defense + Psy Power
  • Speed: 5
  • Counterattack: Melee


  • Melee
  • Backhander
    • Psy Power 2, 50 gold
  • Slash
    • Psy Power 3, Strength 12, 250 gold
  • Double Strike
    • Psy Power 10, Strength 9, 500 gold

Notable SwordsmenEdit

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