This article is about the Class from Telepath Tactics. You may be looking for the Enemy from the Second Generation of Games.

StoneGolem Red Rest
The Stone Golem is an extremely powerful melee fighter. It can move only three spaces per turn, but it's resistant to physical attacks and deals massive crushing damage with its fists. It has a Smash attack that knocks the enemy back a space, and can use Throw to fling an object, ally or enemy up to three spaces away. It can use Shove to push enemies and certain destructible objects. Golems are difficult to defeat in close quarters. They are best dealt with at range, or by simply moving around them. They are very effective at defending objectives where there is little room to maneuver.


  • Fist- Basic punching attack.
  • Smash- Heavy blow that knock the target back.
  • Shove- Push the target one space.
  • Toss- Toss the target up to 2 spaces.
  • Throw- Throw the target up to 3 spaces.

Notable Stone GolemsEdit


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