This article is about the Class from Telepath Tactics. You may be looking for the Class from the Second Generation of Games.

Spearman Red Rest
The Spearman is a strong melee fighter with one counterattack and the ability to throw his spear. He has Impale, which can hit two enemies in a row at substantial cost to his Energy. He also has the ability to adopt a Defensive Stance, which gives him a 50% chance to block non-Mental attacks for one turn. Finally, he can use Shove to push enemies and certain destructible objects.


  • Spear- Basic spear attack.
  • Impale- Pierce up to 2 enemies in a row.
  • Defensive Stance- Gain a 50% Block chance until next turn.
  • Shove- Push the target one space.

Notable SpearmenEdit

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