A Shadowling Sentry is, effectively, a Shadowling Soldier doing guard duties when Shadowlings set camp during military operations.

Shadowling Sentry


Health: Scales with hero
Attacks: Mind Blast (Damage: ~1-3), Shadow Blast (Damage: ~3-5)
Abilities : He can produce a light from his hands to see in the dark.

Quotes Edit

(You hear a dark, whispering voice reverbating inside the depths of your mind): Little fleshing, we knew you would come. Come now, and lay your heavy burdens to rest.

(The shadowling in front of you looks surprised. An angry hiss reverbates in your mind): Goodness, little flesh creature--what are you thinking, barging into my tent? You don't have any manners? You must. Maybe they are hiding. Maybe I'll have to rip them out of you...

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