In Telepath RPG: Servants of God, numerous Cheats can be used to make the game easier. To use a cheat, you must type in the cheat as the name of your character when starting a new game.

Obviously, using these cheats can make fighting and the rest of the game a breeze, depending on the cheat you use, so use them only if you want to play for the story/want to feel extremely powerful.

The cheats are as follows, and are case sensitive:

  • RollingInIt: 99999 Gold at the start.
  • TotalSavant: 99 Aptitude.
  • Inflammable: Heat Resistance.
  • Unfreezable: Cold Resistance.
  • Untouchable: Physical Resistance.
  • Charismatic: 99 Personality.
  • ABigCheater: Health and Power Boost, as well as skipping the opening sequence.
  • MrMoneyBags: 6000 Gold.

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