Guard Portait

A member of the Guard

The Ravinale Guard is the military force of Ravinale and the primary enemy of the People's Resistance of Ravinale.


The Ravinale Guard was established as the armed force that protects and serves the people of Ravinale.

Grand Tournament of RavinaleEdit

Many current and retired Guardsmen competed in Grand Tournament of Ravinale during this time.

The Cult's CoupEdit

The Cult of Yawah gained power largely by converting the commanding officer of the Ravinale military, General D'Kah, as well as large swathes of enlisted men. Consolidating its hold on power during the months leading up to the coup d'état, the Cult purged nonbelievers from the armed forces, allowing it to wield the Ravinale military as its own personal army. With the Guard in their pocket, the Cult had General D'Kah arrest Parliament members who refuse to follow the Cult's agenda.

Ravinale Civil WarEdit

Since many people were unhappy with the new theocracy's authoritative rule, the People's Resistance of Ravinale was formed. Throughout the Ravinale Civil War, the Resistance forces clashed with Ravinale Guardsmen as the Resistance attempts to restore Ravinale to Republican rule.

Ravinale GuardsmenEdit

The Ravinale Guard has powerful, well armed soldiers. Their forces consist primarly of Bowmen, Swordsmen, and Spearmen. The Guard also has elite forces that are made up of Myrmidons, Snipers, and Ravinale Elites.

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