Vital statistics
Class Spirit Spearman
Status Teammate
Gender Male
Race Spirit
Faction People's Resistance of Ravinale
Health  ?
PsP  ?
Speed 5 (Flying)
Location Crypt 4
Rajav al'Muhib appears in Telepath RPG: Servants of God.


Rajav claims that he was the greatest spearman and lover of his time. He believes that he died in the fourth crypt and became a spirit.


Rajav can join Duvalier's team after Rajav helps him escape a trap in one of the cypts.



Rajav's physical resitance makes him very good at going head to head with enemies that only have physical attacks.


"My name is Rajav al'Muhib, the world's foremost spearman-and lover."

"I'm sure it was some daring attack I was a part of. It is hard to remember." [He cracks a cocky grin.] "I am the world's greatest spearman, you see."

"Death has done nothing to dilute my skills, I assure you. It has merely made me somewhat less, eh, tangible."


  • He is found 21 rooms north and 8 room west of the crypt 4 entrance.
  • A book from Crypt 4, The Spirit Within states that Rajav and all other spirits aren't actually the minds of the departed, but rather, something created unconsciously by telepaths themselves. Rajav may simply be the external manifestation of a telepath's internal mental processes.

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