Vital statistics
Class Swordsman
Status Teammate
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction People's Resistance of Ravinale
Health  ???
PsP 0
Speed 7
Location Ravinale Marketplace

Qudssi appears in Telepath RPG: Servants of God.


Qudssi is a former member of the Ravinale Guard. He left the Guard, and devoted his life to understanding and serving Yawah, while avoiding worldly pleasures. Unwilling to join the Cult of Yawah's priesthood, Qudssi opens a prayer booth to try to understand God's will.


Duvalier meets Qudssi at his prayer booth. After that, the player can recruit Qudssi to join the Resistance. To do so, you must talk to him at the Ravinale market, and ask him what he means by praying for people. Then ask him how he eats, and eventually tell him that it is idiotic and he could be doing more to help people. When you try to leave, he will ask to join you, even if you tell him you do not believe in Yawah. He will be at your base, but will be nervous and on the edge of panic, as he did not know you were in the Resistance. You can ask him to leave at any time. when you rescue your parents, how you deal with the civilians following you will affect Qudssi's relationship with the resisitance:

If you let them live, he will be amazed at your kindness, and admit that he had misjudges the resisitance. He will be more open to you.

If you kill them, he will be furious and will leave the resistance.

Note: Qudssi cannot be recruited after you rescue your parents, even if you spare the civilians. You must recruit him before that quest.


Despite his lack of psy powers, Qudssi is a powerful teammate due to his counterattack and high number of steps.





  • If you do something immoral, Qudssi will leave the Resistance.
  • Qudssi cannot increase his psy power: the option is not available on the training menu. However, since he only has one attack (Melee), it makes no difference anyway.

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