Pirate Pete
Pirate Pete
Vital statistics
Class Pirate
Status Neutral
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Pirate
Location Lake Alto

Pirate Pete appears in Telepath RPG Chapter 2.


Pirate Pete is a drunk pirate whose ship has been destroyed by spriggats during the battles at Lake Alto. The ship's treasures were lost during its destruction.


Pirate Pete gives the Hero a side quest to find his treasure chests before time runs out. The Hero can only access this quest before finishing the Darkeye mission.


"[He begins to wail.] Ohhhh! Me poor ship! Smashed to ruins by those narsty flyin' beasts over on the lake. And all me gold, washed ashore. Where? I don't know."


Completing Pirate Pete's quest is the only way to get the green orb in Telepath RPG 2.

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