Name Vendor
Portrait ThugBoss ConvBoxSized
Vital statistics
Class Merchant
Status Neutral
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Grand Tournament of Ravinale
Location Ravinale
Name Vendor (Telepath Psy Arena)

Name Vendor in Telepath Psy Arena

The Name Vendor appears in Telepath Psy Arena.


The Name Vendor is a merchant who works for the tournament organizers and is situated in the Psy Arena Headquarters.


For a small fee, he will register entrants in the tournament under their preferred names: otherwise the Hero will remain anonymous. He will also register the Hero for a tougher league for a 1000 gold.


"Hello! How would you like to change your name? I can get your new name registered with the Clerk of Ravinale lickety-split, and it will only cost you 100 gold.

Or, if you like, I can register you for a tougher league with more challenging competitors for a mere 1000 gold."