Vital statistics
Class Civilian
Status Neutral
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Psy Academy
Location Moiraine's Drug and Alchemical Supply

Moiraine appears in Telepath RPG Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Servants of God.


Moiraine is the proprietor of Moiraine's Drug and Alchemical Supply, the drug store of the Psy Academy.


In Telepath RPG 1, Moiraine sells Focus Pills and Vision Pills to the Hero.


"I'm sorry, but the law states that I cannot sell more than that number of doses to one student at a time. [She smiles.] We don't want to encourage drug abuse here at the Academy, now do we?"


Moiraine's name is a tribute to Robert Jordan's aes sedai character of the same name from the Wheel of Time series.

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