In the Marid Clan, the family's Stones are very valuable to their owners. Without these precious stones, a clanmember will lose standing among the Marid.

Umma's StonesEdit

After Duvalier goes to the Marid Campgrounds to look for a place to hide rescued civilians from the Cult, Duvalier has the chance to help Umma retrieve her valuable stones. After being plagued by the madness, the desert scorpion, Tikki, ends up stealing Umma's stones and hiding them in a cave. Since Tikki was the pet of her son Shabab, Umma asks Duvalier to try to not kill the scorpion when retrieving the stones. Yet, another clansman, Imran says he will reward Duvalier for killing Tikki and giving him Umma's stones. If Duvalier gives Umma her stones back and gives Summ to Shabab, then Umma will give the hero an opal orb from her collection of stones.

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