The Map Editor is a mode in Telepath RPG: Servants of God where you can create a new battle using a large selection of tiles, multiple different enemies, and Battle Conditions.



The map editor lets you edit a map in four different modes:

1. Paint Mode

2. Set Spawn Points Mode

3. Add Enemy Units Mode

4. Set Battle Options Mode

Paint Mode lets you paint tiles onto the battlefield, deciding whether a given space is sand, grass, wood, water, a tree, and so on.

Set Spawn Points Mode lets you set the spaces that the player's characters appear on at the start of the battle.

Add Enemy Units Mode is exactly what it sounds like: drag and drop up to 10 enemies onto the battlefield from a selection of more than three dozen. You can also add destructible battlefield objects in this mode.

Set Battle Options Mode lets you decide what kind of battle it is, from a boss fight to a capture the space mission to a solo mission to a regular kill-everything-that moves affair. You can also set which side goes first, whether there's a space to flee the battle, and what kind of shadows (if any) you want overlaying the battlefield.

Saved MapsEdit

Battles created in the map editor are saved as .sol files, which you can share with friends and load up to play yourself.

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