After completing the Rescuing Festus mission, Senator Festus asks Duvalier to capture the Loyalist leader, Hellion, in exchange for troops. Festus's assistant, Mysterion will lead Duvalier and his team to the Loyalist Cave to capture the Loyalist leader.

It is recommended that Duvalier equip the Black Orb for the final battle, because shadow resistance would reduce many of the Shadowlings' attacks.

Loyalist Cave 1Edit

Loyalist Cave 2Edit

Loyalist Cave 3Edit

Battle To Capture HellionEdit

You have to capture Hellion, not kill him, so don't bother targetting him until everyone else is dead. If Duvalier has Shadow Resistance (And a dark-elemental Duvalier can and should provide such to his entire team), Hellion will deal 12 damage a turn, making him fairly easy to kill with feedback. 

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