Lala image
Vital statistics
Class Shadowland Citizen
Status Neutral
Gender Female
Race Shadowling
Location Somnus

Lala appears in Telepath RPG Chapter 2.


Lala is an elderly shadowling who lives in the shack to the west side of Somnus. She has a bug infestation in her basement.


Lala gives the Hero a side quest to clear out the bugs in her cellar. She either gives you 40 gold, or an "antique."


"This is a pretty dangerous place for a soft-fleshed animal like yourself."

"[The sound of laughter echoes in your head.] Silly fleshling. We 'green' when we age. Don't look surprised, now! Aging is a lot less unpleasant for us than it is for you, I think, than it is for you little humans."

"What a polite young human!"


  • In Chapter 2, Lala is the only ordinary Shadowling who is old enough to be of green color.
  • In Servants of God, another green shadowling asks the Hero to clean her basement of bugs, but her intentions are much more nefarious then Lala's.

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