Vital statistics
Class Spirit
Status Enemy (Boss)
Gender Unknown
Race Spirit (Jinn)
Health 200
Location Iblis's Lair

Iblis will be found in Telepath Psy Arena 2 and Telepath RPG: Servants of God.


Iblis is a Jinn who possess the large stone statue of Anu deep inside the Bandit Cave.


Duvalier runs across Iblis on his mission to clear out the Desert Headquarters of desert scorpions.


Speed: 0

Attacks: Sand Blast (Range: any one tile, Damage: 8), Sandstorm (Range: all tiles, Damage: 8), Drain (Range: Omnidirectional, Draining: 12 PsP, Healing: ??), Feedback (Range: 2, Healing/Damage: 20)

Immunity: Physical

Resistance: Shadow


Make the physical-attacking-characters avoid Iblis since the Jinn is immune from physical attacks. Iblis is stationary with a speed of 0, and while he covers more than one space, only one square of his body is attackable. Make sure you defeat Iblis quickly, because when he falls below 100 health, he will start attacking more aggresively.


"Who am I. Who am I? Who am I! Betrayer! You would mock me now, after what you did?"

"I have wandered these deserts alone for so long, so long. The heat and the blindness were my only company. I needed a place to hide. From her. It's cold in here, and dark. And I have friends. She won't find me here. Oh no."


  • Iblis is also the Jinn featured in League 5's Jinn Challenge in Telepath Psy Arena 2.
  • "Iblis" is the name of the Devil in Arabic.

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