Portrait MainChar
Vital statistics
Class Hero
Status Playable Character
Gender Ambiguous
Race Human
Faction Psy Academy / Shadowling Empire
Health Psy Defense Times Two (starts from 10 Health, for Psy Defense<6)
PsP Psy Defense plus Psy Power
Speed 5 (9 with Green Orb)
Location Psy Academy / Somnus

This Hero that appears in Telepath RPG Chapters 1 and 2.


This Hero is a red-haired black cape from the Psy Academy. The hero has a brother, David, who must be saved.

The Hero is also turned into Tastidian's slave in the Shadow War.


S/he is the main character.

Telepath RPG 1 SkillsEdit

Telepath RPG 2 SkillsEdit


The hero is a flexible character that can be played any number of ways. The only constant is that if s/he dies, the game ends.


"Where am I, again?"

"I need to bring someone back to life."

"What is that? Torture?"

"Well, aren't you Gloomy My GloomyMacPants?"


This is the only genderless character in the series- all dialogue based around this Hero allows the players to treat this character as either male or female. However, we can assume he is male, as in one of the endings, it says about the Hero: "He is now celebrated among humans..."