Image:Judge Hakim.jpg
Vital statistics
Class Ravinale Acolyte
Status Hostile
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction The Cult
Location Library of Yawah, the Great and Merciful
Judge Hakim appears in Telepath RPG: Servants of God.


Judge Hakim is one Ravinale's most respected judges and a high ranking Ravinale Acolyte. Because of Hakim's beliefs that law should take moral judgement based on religious views into account, Hakim has been passed over and over again by Parliament for an appointment to Ravinale's high court. After the Cult's coup d'état, the new Parliament is going to nominate him to the high court.


After completing Mission 5, Hakim shows up infront of the Library to make a speech to Du'Kayn University graduates and their friends and family.


"But in truth, the law is not what holds our society together. What holds us together is shared morality: traditional family structures, a willingness to work without complaint, and unyielding faith in Yawah."


Hakim was originally going to have a much bigger role in the game, but time constraints forced TSoG's creator to eliminate much Hakim related content.

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