This article is about the Servants of God character. You may be looking for the Flint from Telepath RPG 2.



Vital statistics
Class Stone Golem
Status Neutral
Gender None
Race Golem
Faction Helenites
Location Helenite Base

Flint appears in Telepath RPG: Servants of God.


Flint was a Stone Golem owned and modified by a talented Mechanic Captain named Helena. During the Shadow War, Helena was caught stealing golem parts from other Mechanics, and she was punished by getting herself and Flint thrown into the Bug Pit. Eventually, the Hero of the Shadow War is also thrown into the Bug Pit. In exchange for a large sum of gold, Helena and Flint join the Hero's team and they all escape the Bug Pit. When the Hero becomes free of enslavement, Helena and Flint join the Hero's mission to assassinate the Shadowling Queen.

With Flint's help, Helena used the money she earned campaigning with the Hero to start a mercenary group to rival the Mechanics, called the "Helenites". By the time of the Ravinale Civil War, the Helenites are headquartered on a basin south of Lake Alto.


If Duvalier visits the Helenites Headquarters, then he will meet Flint and Helena.


[A massive stone golem outfitted with a variety of unusual contraptions stands impassively next to the woman, steam belching out of a humming engine attached to its back. The golem makes a sound like stone grinding against stone. You're not sure if it's responding, or simply grunting.]


Between the events of Chapter 2 and Servants of God, Flint seems to have been heavily modified.

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