Vital statistics
Class Spirit
Gender Male
Race Spirit
Location Azma's Lair
Fizooz appears in Telepath RPG: Servants of God.


Fizooz is a spirit who is being held against his will by Azma and his spirit thugs. Azma believes that Fizooz owes him a debt from his former life, and won't let Fizooz leave until he pays for the supposed debt.


During Duvalier's first mission, Luca claims that Fizooz is her husband, and she asks for Duvalier to help her free Fizooz from Azma and his fellow spirit goons.


"Fizooz. Fizooz. Who...are you?"

"Wife? I...don't remember having a wife."


  • Fizooz looks like the enemy Ghosts.
  • A book from Crypt 4, The Spirit Within reveals that Fizooz and all other spirits aren't actually the minds of the departed, but rather, something created unconsciously by telepaths themselves. Fizooz and other spirits are simply telepaths' internal mental processes manifesting externally.