Vital statistics
Class Civilain
Status Ally
Gender Male
Race Human
Location Labor Site

Ferran is one of the laborers found by Duvalier in the forced labor camp during one of early missions by the People's Resistance of Ravinale.


He is decribed as a man covered in dirt, leaning against the wall of a building. His face is flushed and his head is swaying a little. He is terribly thirsty.


If Duvalier gives him some water and tell him that he is from the Resistance, Ferran will help him by Contacting the other laborers, telling them to flee at Fawaz Gorge.


"Thank you.These dogs won't let us drink more than once every few hours. A man could die like this, out in the sun all day."

"Don't worry , you can count on me ! I just need to rest a minute.I'm Contacting everyone I can though."

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