Portrait Falstaff
Vital statistics
Class Scout
Status Teammate
Gender Male
Race Human
Location Psy Academy

Falstaff appears in Telepath RPG Chapter 1.


Falstaff is the Hero's and David's uncle. As David was being kidnapped by shadowlings, David Contacted his father that he was taken to the west. Falstaff, a scout, was sent to find out what was out west. After scounting the area west of the Psy Academy, Falstaff found the Shadowling Camp that David was taken to.


Anya says that Falstaff needs to speak to the Hero and he is waiting at Cleo's Bottomless Bottle. When the Hero finds Falstaff, the uncle explains how he is too old rescue David and he needs the Hero's help.

Stats Edit

Contact: Mind Blast (deal 1-3 damages) Cost: 3


Falstaff accompanies the Hero, but is quite a weak character.


"Ungrateful wretch of a child! Your little brother needs you to save him! Do you doubt for a second that he wouldn't do the same for you?"

"That's enough! Quarreling is not going to help this situation. If what you say is true, Anya, then we need to get David back to the Academy and quickly.


Falstaff dies some time during Telepath RPG 2 due to an illness.

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