Vital statistics
Class Swordsman
Status Enemy (Boss)
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Abolitionist
Health 90
Speed 3
Location Abolitionist Compound
Elan appears in Telepath RPG: Servants of God.


Elan is the leader of the Abolitionist. Since Elan protects freed slaves, he has made himself an enemy of slavers.


Duvalier is tasked by Baz's friend, Sharif, to bring Elan's head in exchange for troops.


Melee (Range: 1, Damage: 16)

Counterattack: Melee (Range:1, Damage: 16)


Be careful attacking Elan from the front, because he will counterattack.


"Hired goons. Sharif just gets more and more brazen. Be brave, brothers--hold the entranceway!"

"Is it the rainy season already? You crawl out of the muck like worms! Come, try to get me. I'll return you slaveholding scum to the dirt that spawned you."

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