Portrait Dorgon
Vital statistics
Class Energy Golem
Status Teammate
Gender None
Race Golem
Faction The Mechanics
Health 10 + Psy Defense x2
PsP 3
Location Mechanics Headquarters

Dorgon appears in Telepath RPG Chapter 2.


Dorgon is a prototype energy golem. His design trades the heavy armor of the other golems for mobility. He is found at the Mechanics Base.


After a slight chat with him, he joins, with you as the new commander.



Dorgon's long reach range makes him a great choice for softening up the opposition, so the other teammates can give finishing blows.


"Dorgon 5000 ranged combat unit is online and operational. What is your command?"

"My unique design trades the heavier armor of my brother units for increased mobility."

"The Mechanics were formed many years ago by a genius inventor named Sibelius in response to problems with bandits in the Cera Bella countryside. He has made a fortune, and the Mechanics have grown so big that they are a force to be reckonded with in their own right."


  • Dorgon is the only Energy Golem in the Telepath series that can move on the battlefield.
  • He can only found in the version of the game appearing on

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