This article is about the Telepath RPG 2 character. You may be looking for the Darkling from Servants of God.

Portrait Darkling
Vital statistics
Class Psy Assassin
Status Teammate
Gender Male
Race Shadowling
Faction Shadowling Empire
Health 15 + Psy Defense x2
PsP 13 + Psy Defense + Psy Power
Speed 9 (Flying)
Location Somnus

Darkling appears in Telepath RPG Chapter 2.


Darkling is a shadowling soldier who is the youngest to join the Assassin's Cult. He has a brother, Shadowboxer, who is also a Psy Assassin.


At the beginning of Telepath RPG 2, Tastidian gives the Hero three shadowling troops to make a squad: Darkling, Shadowboxer, and Festus.



Darkling is quick and can use shadowport to jump over spaces, so he's useful for quick attacks. With his mobility of 9, and both shadowport and shadowport 2, he can literally move anywhere. He can even Shadowport off the board!


"The name's Darkling the Magnificent, Greatest Assassin in the Known World. But you can call me Darkling for short."

"I'm small, but damn quick! I love taking down healers and ranged units who think they're safety out of reach. [He smirks toothily.] It's hard being so talented sometimes, but you know: it's a living."


He is the only character in the game who has a choice between 2 different skills-Shadow Blast or Feedback.

After the Shadow War, Darkling and Shadowboxer open up a popular restaurant called The Barracks with the help of the Vibra Mining Company.

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