This article is about the Telepath Tactics character. You may be looking for the Darkling from Telepath RPG 2.

Shadowling Red
Vital statistics
Class Psy Assassin
Status Ally
Gender Male
Race Shadowling
Faction Shadowling Republic
Location The Barracks

Darkling appears in Telepath RPG: Servants of God.


Darkling became the youngest member to join the Assassin's Cult. Alongside his brother Shadowboxer, Darkling is sent by the Assassin's Cult to work under Tastidian's personal slave. Tired of the Shadowling Empire's constant state of war, Darkling and his comrades join Tastidian's former slave in the Psy Academy's plan to assassinate the Shadowling Queen.

After the Shadow War, Darkling and Shadowboxer open up a popular restaurant called The Barracks with the help of the Vibra Mining Company.


When visiting Somnus, Duvalier can talk to Darkling about the current events in the Shadowlands.