Crypt 4 lies in a cul-de-sac along the coast, east of Ashwan Desert. It is reputed to be a massive labyrinth built as the entrance of a long-crumbled fortress. It would eventually become a mass graveyard after thousands of soldiers died within its twisting passages during attempts at laying siege.

Books from the CryptEdit

The Spirit Within- Some believe that the mind evacuates the brain at death, and that spirits represent the mind divorced from physical form. But why would only some of the dead return? Why would they only interact with telepaths? A growing body of scholars have accounted for this problem by concluding that spirits are not the minds of the departed, but rather, something created unconsciously by telepath themselves. In this theory, a spirit is simply a telepath's internal mental processes manifesting externally. The telepath obsessed with violence conjures violent spirits. The lonely telepath conures companion spirits. And when the telepath dies, so do the spirits that (he alone) sees.

Orbs from the CryptEdit

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