"Crypt 3," as the Librarian calls it, is the tomb of poet-king Azur. The Cult coverted the resting place of the great poet into a "den of censorship" by using the crypt to hide the books that the Cult doesn't want the people of Ravinale to read.

Books from the CryptEdit

Hiring for Victory: A Guide to the Mercenaries of Cera Bella- The book is mostly a biopic on Sibelius, founder of the Mechanics, and Helena, founder of the Helenites. Interesting, but not especially useful. However, you do manage to glean the location of both mercenary groups' headquarters from one of the chapters. You ink them onto your map for future reference.

Orb from the CryptEdit

Azure Orb- The orb allows Duvalier to levitate

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