The Crypt 2 is a crypt that lies along the montains, north of the Ashwan Desert. This abandoned mountain ruin is full of hidden mechanisms. The Cult uses the crypt to dispose books it doesn't want the people to read.

Books from the CryptEdit

A Brief History of Killing- It turns out to be about about the history of guilds dedicated to assassination around the continent. The only two that exist in the present day are the Order of the Black Rose, a human group based in Ravinale; and the Assassin's Cult, a shadowling group based in Somnus. According to the book, these two groups have a long-standing and bitter rivalry, with each group hating and fearing the other.

Orbs from the CryptEdit

  • Violet Orb- Increases Maxmimum PsP
  • Yellow Orb- Increases in-battle PsP regeneration rate: from 3 to 10 PsP if Hero doesn't move; from 1 to 5 PsP if Hero moves, but doesn't attack

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