Duvalier faces off against a group of bandits.

Bandits are former soldiers who have taken up banditry after being purged from the Ravinale Guard. These former Guardsmen were purged in order to ensure that the members of the Ravinale Guard have complete loyalty to the Cult of Yawah. After being forced to leave the Guard, these bandits have found themselves out of work and without their military grade equipment. As a result of being malnourished and having low-grade equipment, the bandits are considerably weaker than the currently enlisted members of the Ravinale Guard.

One group of bandits attacked a caravan belonging to a merchant named Achmed.  After the bandits destroy Achmed's livelyhood, Achmed pleaded to the Ravinale Guard for help.  After the Ravinale Guard refuces to help, Achmed seeks out the Resistance to help him get vengeance on the bandits.

North of the Marid Campgrounds, a group of bandits lead by Jabbar established their territory around a series of caves.  Using the caves as a base, the bandits began to terrorize the Marid. In exchange for the Resistance eliminating those local bandits, Chief Hamzah granted the Resistance permission to use the Bandits' Cave to hide rescued civilians from the Cult .

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