The Bandit Cave is located in the eastern part of the Ashwan Desert. After the Cult began purging nonbelievers from the Ravinale Guard, the cave became the home base of ex-guardsmen bandits and their leader Jabbar. The center of the bandit territory, the Bandit Cave became the staging post for the bandits' attacks on the Marid.

Desert HeadquartersEdit

On behalf of the Marid, Duvalier and his teammates oust Jabbar and his fellow bandits. The cave then becomes a secret desert headquarters for the People's Resistance of Ravinale. The new headquarters becomes a site for training soldiers and hiding rescued civilians far from the watchful eye of the Cult.

Iblis's LairEdit

Deep in the cave is the lair of a powerful Jinn. Iblis, a crazed spirit, has possessed a statue of Anu and has befriended the desert scorpions who made the cave into their nest. Duvalier and his teammates need to kill Ibilis and the scorpions in order to make room for more Resistance soldiers.

Also, if Duvalier goes to the right of the cave after defeating Iblis, he can find a treasure chest that has a plaque with some letters of the old alphabet on it. If Duvalier succeeds in translating the text and entering the correct combination, the chest will open and reveal 3000 gold.

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