Ali the Incorrigible
Vital statistics
Class Ravinale Citizen
Gender Male
Race Human
Location Ravinale Docks

Ali the Incorrigible can be found in Telepath RPG: Servants of God.


Ali is an aggressive and skilled card player who makes most of his money by charming unsuspecting sailors into playing Psy Duel and taking their money.


Duvalier can earn gold through playing Psy Duel with Ali. The amount of gold that can be bet depends on how high Duvalier's personality is. Duvalier can bet 50 gold and the sum increases by 5 gold for each personality level gained after level 10. With high enough personality, there is also an option to quadruple the amount of gold that is bet, allowing for easy farming with those of high personality.


Don't lose all your money to him. Save before playing and Load every time you lose.


"Welcome back, friend. Can I interest you in a game of Psy Duel?"

"I am beyond reform. When I set my eye on something, friend, I do not stop until I get it."

"You look like a man of the world, sir - I'm sure you are in fact very good at it, and are merely teasing me with such a question."


Ali can make an effective telepath shield to prevent himself from being cheated by psys.