Vital statistics
Class Assassin
Status Ally / Neutral / Enemy
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Order of the Black Rose
Health 32
Speed 4
Location Ravinale Docks
Al'al, aka Dark Fellow appears in Telepath RPG: Servants of God.


Al'al works as a street contact for the Order of the Black Rose.


Arman sends Duvalier on a side quest to deliver a package to Al'al. Durring the side quest, Duvalier can choose to work for Al'al.


Stab (Range: 1, Damage: 8)


Like all assassins, Al'al is trained to loop behind his target and backstab. Unless one's hero is extremely strong, the best strategy against Al'al is simply to run away or fight in an alleyway, so he has to attack the Hero from the front.


"Do I know you? If you don't have business with me, you'd better blow away like sand."

"Your ploy is as clear as the incision I am about to make through your neck."


In Arabic, his name means "The the."

Al al

Al'al at the docks

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