Vital statistics
Class Swordsman
Status Ally
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction People's Resistance of Ravinale
Location Desert Headquarters
Lt Gen Al'Salaam appears in Telepath RPG: Servants of God.


Al'Salaam was a Lieutenant General in the Ravinale Guard who often butted heads with D'Kah. His outspokenness eventually got himself thrown into a forced labor camp.


After being rescued by the People's Resistance of Ravinale, Al'Salaam begins to train the freed laborers for combat. To expand the Desert Headquarters, Al'Salaam asks Duvalier to eliminate the desert scorpions from the lower tunnels.


"Also, just between us: some of the men are scared. Turns out there's some sort of shrine down there. The men have been whispering that we've awakened some ancient demon of the desert. Some rubbish like that. It might be a good idea to clear it out down there. You know, show that there's nothing to worry about. For morale."