The Administrative Offices are located in the southeast corner of the Psy Academy.


Abduction ProblemsEdit

The Hero to go the administrative offices in an attempt to get permission to leave the Psy Academy in order to rescue David. Instead of getting the help the Hero needs, the Desk Clerk gives the Hero a bunch of paperwork.  During this time, Larry, a red cape, spent over two and a half hours waiting in the office.

Shadow WarEdit

Near the end of the Shadow War, the Hero tries to return to the administrative offices, but the Hero finds that the offices are closed during the summer.

Ravinale Civil WarEdit

Several decades after the Shadow War, Duvalier goes to the administrative offices inorder to get an audience with the Dean about the Psy Academy supporting the People's Resistance of Ravinale. Before Duvalier can speak to the Dean, he has to get past the bureaucratic nonsense of her unhelpful secretary.

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